At the October 2015 SIB Meeting it was decided to withdraw from the Yorkshire in Bloom Large Village competition for 2016 because of a shortage of volunteers for the work groups. Hope was expressed that the situation would be remedied for future years.

The break brings an opportunity to evolve ideas, with more permanent planting free from the constraints of the contest.

Subsequently we secured the continuing support of Leeds City Council by entering the Royal Horticultural Society's It's Your Neighbourhood scheme in 2016 and judged to be Level 5 Outstanding and received glowing mentor's comments.

In 2017 we again entered the It's Your Neighbourhood  scheme thus retaining LCC help with unfettered access to the Seacroft Waste Disposal site for our green waste, and extra street cleaning and verge mowing near Judging Day. Subsequently we have been judged  in 2017 again to be Level 5 Outstanding and received further glowing mentor's comments and the certificate which will be displayed in the Shadwell Library.

See the further reports of our judging under the achievements listed.